priya krishnakumar

Hello! I'm a graphics and data journalist at the Los Angeles Times and an adjunct professor at the University of Southern California.

published work

My favorite things I've designed, coded and reported at the Los Angeles Times.

July 2020

Jackie Lacey could lose L.A.'s district attorney race. These maps show where she's vulnerable

June 2020

Prom's cancelled. These amazing photos show how students still celebrated

May 2020

Which California counties are reopening?

December 2019

50 Songs for a New L.A.

November 2019

We mapped every wine country fire. They're larger and more destructive than ever

Satellite photos of the Kincade fire threatening California's vineyards

Pelosi, Hollywood and high taxes: Here's everything Trump has tweeted about California

Where can you afford to rent in California?

Mapping the Golden State Killer

June 2019

What's L.A. reading? Our habits are as diverse as the city itself

May 2019

How stricter vaccine laws spared California from a major measles outbreak

How Nipsey Hussle saw Slauson Avenue

March 2019

A historic oil platform off Santa Barbara turns into a rusty ghost ship

February 2019

Navigating a safe path to schools surrounded by homicide

December 2018

As California's final votes are counted, here's how the midterms helped Democrats sweep Orange County

November 2018

More than 18,000 buildings burned in Northern California. Here's what that looks like from above

Here's where the Woolsey fire burned through the hills of Southern California

Results from the 2018 midterm elections

September 2018

SERIES: The Next California

September 2018

How eight elite San Francisco families funded Gavin Newsom's political ascent

September 2018

For many women across the U.S., it's already a post-Roe vs. Wade reality

California's attorney general is waging war against Trump. These are the battlefronts

There's a rising Democratic tide in Orange County. Will it be enough to capture these critical U.S. House seats?

Results from California's primary election

How California's primary could stop Democrats from retaking the U.S. House

Trump takes on California through Twitter: Here's what he's tweeted about the Golden State.

January 2018

Rap's Main Street: the music of Rosecrans Avenue

December 2017

A powerful person has been accused of misconduct at a rate of nearly once every 20 hours since Weinstein

How will California's new laws affect you?

Before and after: Where the Thomas fire destroyed buildings in Ventura

Despite a record number of strikeouts, Dodgers' pitchers fell short

October 2017

Where more than 7,500 buildings were destroyed in California's wine country fires

October 2017

Why the 2017 fire season has been one of California's worst

September 2017

Disney spent heavily to sway an election in Anaheim. Did it pay off?

What's next for DACA and the nearly 800,000 people protected by it

Does McGregor have a chance? Compare his fighting style and record with Mayweather's

July 2017

Don't waste your time at Disneyland. Here's how to avoid the lines

July 2017

Medicaid's vital role for children in Trump country

A guide to every Russia investigation happening right now

How Comey's story stacks up to Trump's

Your guide to watching Comey's Senate Intelligence Committee testimony

Trump fires Comey: A screenplay in 5 acts

After the first 100 days, here's where President Trump's campaign promises stand

April 2017

Was that Trump, Bush or Obama? Test your knowledge of the president's first 100 days

What if Los Angeles held an election and 80% of voters didn't care?

Oscars fashion faceoff: Guess the dress

February 2017

L.A.'s mayor wants to lower the city's temperature. These scientists are figuring out how to do it

January 2017

How Trump's Cabinet picks compare to Obama and Bush's nominees

How will California's newest laws affect you?

In 2016, Republicans lose a stronghold in Orange County

December 2016

California neighborhood election results

November 2016

After decades of Republican victories, here's how California became a blue state again

Presidential debate scorecards

Clinton vs. Trump: Inside the first debate

Flooding in Louisiana: Before and after

Which Republicans are supporting Trump, and who's jumping ship?

Violence and unrest on the Trump campaign trail

June 2016

Terror's daily reality

April 2016

The artists Prince ushered into the spotlight

March 2016

One year after California's worst snowpack ever, levels are back to 87% of normal

Voices of Pride in the face of violence

December 2015

Dispatch calls from the San Bernardino shooting

Porter Ranch residents describe how the leak has affected their lives

October 2015

Ronda Rousey breaks down her victories

Where are Syria's refugees now?

Republican debate bingo!

Ch-ch-changes: The evolving elements of pop music

August 2015

City service disparities in L.A.

July 2015

Sandra Bland's arrest

Pluto revealed

Temperatures soar in L.A.

Contaminated groundwater in L.A wells

April 2015

Inside the fight: Mayweather v. Pacquiao

Calculate the water footprint of your meals

Explainer: Iran nuclear deal

Run the L.A. marathon without breaking a sweat

Oscar night bingo

February 2015

LA's aging water infrastructure

#OscarsStillSoWhite opens to angry reviews

Outernet explained

Spiritual pharmacy shopping guide

L.A. new minimum wage

How much can a longshoreman make?

How to win an Oscar